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Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis are working together to stimulate all forms of recycling in the Cayman Islands Closing Quote

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Why ?

Recycling saves resources, prevents pollution, supports public health, and creates jobs. It saves money, avoids landfills, and best of all, it’s easy. Closing Quote

All recycling bins

Dump all small batteries in the blue containers.

Battery Container
Drink TAP Water

How it Started

In May 2013 Past President Kadi Merren-Pentney of the Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman contacted the Presidents of the Rotary and Lions Clubs on island about starting a joint initiative to do a project together that was too big for any of the clubs to do on their own.
Immediately all club Presidents were on board and together they decided recycling was an important issue that they felt residence needed more information on to make it easier to reduce and reuse!
Immediately after their first social with all clubs uniting in July 2013, Gina McBryan of Rotary Sunrise 'joined in' to start a Facebook page and start promoting recycling and the Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman and Business & Professional Women's Club also showed their support of the project.
The initiative started with two supermarket awareness campaigns where all clubs came together in bright green shirts to hand out business cards with information on how and where you can recycle in Cayman and are now starting competitions in all of the schools to encourage our youth to recycle!
If your Business or group is interested in Joining In and learning more about how they can make recycling a part of their daily lives please contact us at or Phone (345) 916-8664.


Landfilling is Not a Sustainable Solution

Landfills are the largest source of human caused methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. The "US Environmental Protection Agency" admits all landfill liners will eventually leak and their toxic leachate, or garbage juice, can seep into and contaminate soil and groundwater supplies.


Regen an initiative by the local Government and Dart

A multimillion-dollar project is underway to turn the George Town Landfill site into a green space and build state-of-the-art infrastructure that, when finished, will improve recycling and turn materials that aren’t recycled into electricity to power our homes and businesses. ReGen will help create a cleaner and greener Cayman Islands, for the benefit of the whole community.
See: for more info

Department of Environmental Health

Recycling by Department of Environmemtal Health

See: for more info

Recycling in Caym,an Video

Recycling at the George Town Landfill

YouTube Video with Workers at the George Town landfill recycling facility

Recycling Containers at the large Supermarkets

In June 2016 the Government placed new containers in the car parks of all large supermarkets. Please bring clean items only.
Do your part Join In and recycle the following items:
Paper and Cardboard All kind of Paper/Cardboard but NO Paper Plates, Coffee Cups, Pizza Boxes, Waxed Cardboard and Wet Paper.

Plastic Containers Only Plastic Type 1 and 2 (See triangel symbol at the bottom).
NO Styrofoam, Plastic Film and Plastic Type 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Metal Containers All Metal Containers, Aluminum Foil & Tin Cans. NO Food contaminated Tins.

Glass bottles / Jars All clean Glass Bottles and Jars. Temporarily NOT available

What and Where to Recycle/Reuse

Plastics (Only TYPE 1 & 2 can be recycled, click here for more info)

Look for the following symbols at the bottom of a plastic bottle/container:
Type 1 Plastics . . Type 2 Plastics

  • All large Supermarkets have containers in their parking lots
  • North Side Civic Centre

  • Water Bottles: No need to buy bottled water, tap water is safe

  • Click here for: Tap Water or Bottled Water?
  • ReUse your water bottles and fill them with tap water

  • Aluminium Cans: Department of Environmental Health bins at:

  • All Primary Schools, Government High Schools, St Ignatius School, Cayman Prep
  • First Baptist School, DEH at CI Environmental Center, North Side Civic Centre
  • All large Supermarkets
  • Camana Bay Recycling Center
  • Island Recycling/Island Waste Carriers (Phone 525-3867 or )
  • Recycling Services (Phone 547-6654 or

  • Batteries:

  • Small Batteries: Look for the blue towers at Supermarkets and Schools
  • Lead acid Car Batteries: Drop off at DEH Landfill
  • Island Recycling/Island Waste Carriers (Phone 525-3867 or )
  • Recycling Services (Phone 547-6654 or

  • Ink/Toner Cartridges:

  • Cartridge Smart in Alissta Towers refills/recycles your cartridges (Phone 743-6699)

  • Used Motor Oil & Cooking Oil (in clean, leak-proof containers):

  • Drop off at DEH Landfill

  • Electronic Waste (computers, office machines):

  • Scrappers Recycling Ltd (Phone 321-6126 or
  • Recycling Services (Phone 547-6654 or
  • Island Recycling/Island Waste Carriers (Phone 525-3867 or )
  • Drop off at DEH Landfill

  • White Metal Goods (appliances) & other scrap metal:

  • Scrappers Recycling Ltd (Phone 321-6126 or
  • Recycling Services (Phone 547-6654 or
  • Island Recycling/Island Waste Carriers (Phone 525-3867 or )
  • Drop off at DEH Landfill

  • Yard Waste (including Chistmas Trees in January):

  • Drop off at DEH Landfill (mulch) or Compost it yourself

  • Tires, Contaminated Oil, Hazardous Chemicals:

  • Drop off at DEH Landfill for proper disposal

  • Construction Debris:

  • Island Recycling/Island Waste Carriers (Phone 525-3867 or )
  • Drop off at DEH Landfill for proper disposal

  • Newspapers (clean & dry), Sheets and Towels (used, but clean):

  • Cayman Islands Humane Society

  • Gently used books, clothing and household goods (donate for re-use):

  • Cayman Islands Humane Society
  • Inquire with local charitable organizations for donation of goods.

  • Drop off Phone Books

  • Drop off your old Phone Books at all supermarkets or at Yello Media Group (February/March period only)

  • Egg / Fruit containers

  • Drop off your egg cartons from home or bulk cartons as well as clam shell containers (such as strawberries container) to Patrick at Camana Bay outside Bay Market Saturdays from 1-5pm and outside Jessie's Juices Wednesdays from 9am-5pm or call 926-4231 or email

  • Free derelict Car removal

  • Island Recycling/Island Waste Carriers (Phone 525-3867 or )

  • (Dry Cleaning) Wire Clothes Hangers

  • Island Cleaners has been recycling/reusing wire hangers for over 15 years.

  • Recycle Bins

  • Stackable Recycling In-home bins are available from Junk, email:
  • Large bins are available from DEH, email: